Your command and control center

Gain full control

Integrate leads, track as they are being qualified, nurtured, and get involved at the right time.


Centralize your leads

Integrate any external lead source into one place.

Track your opportunities while our technology works for you

Get to know your homebuyers with our deep customer profiling data.


Manage and grow your team

Add agents to your team and assign your agents to ongoing deals. 

Your personal operations team

Get to know your dedicated partners

When you have Localize, you get a dedicated home buying advisor that works with your homebuyer opportunities (leads) and a customer success manager to ensure your success with us.


Success Stories

Metropolitan Brokers partners with Localize, a prop-tech startup, to leverage proactive technology to engage buyers at scale.

Key Points Opportunity Metropolitan Brokers purchases homebuyer leads on a regular basis. According to the National Association of…

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