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Key Points

Key Points


Metropolitan Brokers, a real estate brokerage in NYC that purchases homebuyer leads on a regular basis, was looking for a partner who could help them engage with their leads faster and at scale. After wasting hours of time conversing and communicating with prospects who weren’t ready to buy a home, Metropolitan Brokers was looking to expedite the lead-nurturing process in order to save their agents time, eliminate repetitive qualifying tasks, and increase the number of closed deals.


According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors), leads purchased online convert at a rate of only 0.5%. Naturally, the leads purchased by Metropolitan Brokers were no different. Despite agents from Metropolitan Brokers actively engaging with these prospects, thousands of leads (6,500 to be exact) with a median age of just two months were about to be discarded due to them being unresponsive or not ready to move forward.


To salvage these leads (and future leads), Metropolitan Brokers partnered with LocalizeOS to enact a long-term tech-oriented solution. Metropolitan would leverage hunter by LocalizeOS to engage with their leads at scale and vet whether they’re ready to buy a home, ultimately nurturing them through the sales funnel.

hunter meaningfully engages with leads in real-time through SMS text using Large Language Models that take less than thirty seconds to respond to clients. hunter learns from every client interaction and refines the listing suggestions based on the buyer’s personal preference. The speed and scale at which hunter converses with prospects have enabled Metropolitan to salvage significantly more potential buyers. When paired with LocalizeOS’s robust real operating system and real estate homebuying experts, the results became even more powerful.

LocalizeOS strategically employs a two-pronged approach to real estate lead conversion, pairing conversational technology alongside industry experts to support the agent and help close deals that otherwise would have gone dark. While technology does most of the heavy lifting, engaging, learning, qualifying, and activating leads in real-time and at scale, LocalizeOS’s homebuying advisors team is there to step in as soon as a homebuyer requires an extra level of support.

The quality of the buyer who is engaged by LocalizeOS is much better. We simply did not think we could reactivate as many leads as LocalizeOS did and continues to do for us day after day and week after week.

Daniel EivasovCEO, Metropolitan Brokers


5.5% More Deals than the Industry Average

By employing this bespoke two-pronged approach, Metropolitan Brokers received 12x more converted leads than the industry average. LocalizeOS also significantly improved the quality of those leads’ homebuying experience, curating an efficient and seamless customer experience.

Solution Application

*Engaged buyers are tagged as having done one or more of the following:

Click and view hunter’s sent listings, react with feedback, adjust preferences, or chat with LocalizeOS’s homebuying advisors.