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About Elegran

Elegran | Forbes Global Properties is a Manhattan-based brokerage and an exclusive member of Forbes Global Properties for NYC. The firm prides itself on partnering with agents to nurture client relationships while leveraging tech to provide a better home buying and selling experience.

The Challenge

Elegran was seeking out a solution that would support its agents in client communication at scale. The firm knew that its agents were spending hundreds of hours per week communicating with leads that were unlikely to convert. When Elegran partnered with LocalizeOS in March 2022, not only were they looking to save time and resources, but they were also looking to seamlessly unearth new leads and identify high-intent buyers who might otherwise have fallen by the wayside.

Previously, Elegran had been using a different technology solution alongside an ISA team model and call center to address this problem for more than six months without seeing tangible results. When it began utilizing LocalizeOS’s AI-powered technology, named hunter, Elegran was amazed to see results almost immediately.

The partnership and support that LocalizeOS provides allows me to focus on my clients, advocate for them, and serve their best interests. hunter feels like my best friend.

Kalav MistryElegran Real Estate Broker

The Solution

LocalizeOS utilizes its conversational engine, hunter, to proactively communicate with an unlimited number of potential home buyers via SMS text. hunter will engage in real-time text conversations with clients, sending them daily listing recommendations and asking questions to qualify whether a prospective client is interested in buying a home.

Not only does hunter alleviate the tiresome gruntwork of communicating with and tagging hundreds of prospective clients, but it provides a more seamless, streamlined homebuying experience for clients as well—a value at the core of Elegran’s philosophy as a company. hunter’s consistent responsiveness means clients aren’t left waiting for answers, plus its machine-learning algorithm quickly learns the customer’s purchase preferences and sends more accurate listing options with every interaction.

Buyers who are ready to make a move are passed along to Elegran agents so they can attend showings and submit offers. Those who aren’t yet ready to buy or haven’t found their dream property can keep chatting with hunter for weeks, months, or even years until they are ready.

Along the way, Elegran agents can log into LocalizeHQ for deeper visibility into a client’s journey and qualification stage. In the platform, agents can see the value that LocalizeOS’ technology has created for each agent, including communication history, time saved on manual tasks, qualification metrics achieved, home showings booked, and deals closed.

The Result

In just a few months, Elegran has seen impactful results with LocalizeOS, including:

At LocalizeOS, we remain committed to developing cutting-edge tech solutions that help agents work smarter, not harder. I’m excited to partner with Michael, Jared, Ben, Will, and the rest of the Elegran team; their willingness to lean into forward-thinking technology in order to provide exceptional service to their customers is inspiring.

I believe that companies like Elegran—who employ real-time, smart, and personalized service through proactive technologies—will pave the way to the future of real estate. I’m glad LocalizeOS can be a major part of making that future a reality.

Omer GranotCEO, LocalizeOS