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Is LocalizeOS a lead generation platform?

Why should I use LocalizeOS?

Does your service work by matching the buyers with the agents?

What information should I provide to LocalizeOS to kick off the process?

Can I provide LocalizeOS with old leads to work on?

Is the home-buyer aware of the brokerage/agent presence during the lead nurture process done by LocalizeOS?

What happens if you are not able to recommend properties to a user due to his constraints?

How do I know a lead LocalizeOS engages with, is ready to buy?

What factors do you look for when handing back a lead to the agent/brokerage who provided it?

What does it look like when I am given the lead back? Do I get access to the history of communication with them or am I just given a brief summary?

How long does it take LocalizeOS to connect a ready-to-buy lead to an agent?

How is LocalizeOS different from a CRM system automation?

Will LocalizeOS integrate into my CRM system?

Do you share my leads with anyone?

What are the profiles of LocalizeOS' human Customer Success team who engage with my leads?

What if multiple brokerages or agencies send you the same lead?

What's the difference between Alex from Zillow, RealFriend's Luke (Doron Israeli Name) and Hunter?

Do buyers know they are talking to an AI when they talk to hunter?

Is Hunter also able to help with my Rental Leads?

What is the success rate for LocalizeOS?

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