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Leading Teams Leveraging Our Solutions

Discover the most advanced Operating System for real estate

Our solutions allow agents to connect, track, and co-manage all of their leads in one place, amplified by artificial intelligence.

Why agents love LocalizeOS


"Localize is a command and control center in the battlefield of real estate. We know that Localize’s importance for our team will continue to grow in the future as fewer agents claim a larger portion of the business through the use of tech and social media."

Kobi Lahav

Sr Managing Director, Living NY


"Before working with Localize, the number of deals we were missing out on was shocking. Hundreds of homebuyers who were rejected by our agents ended up buying a home with someone else."

Jules Borbely

Real Estate Broker, Oxford


"One of the huge benefits that I’m getting from working with Localize is that I’m receiving leads that have already been interacting with their platform, with their AI tool, that’s getting them very familiar with what they want."

Kelly Rogers

Real Estate Broker, LivingNY


A conversational engine with above-human capacity

We have created an innovative AI conversational engine using natural language processing (hunterTM) combined with expert advisory services. This solution can engage an unlimited number of homebuyers with direct 1:1 text messaging, enabling unprecedented opportunities for scale, and leading to conversion rates 4x the NAR average.

Why LocalizeOS?

We empower you to achieve what you would otherwise do if you had unlimited time and resources.

With Localize, you have an unfair advantage and raise the bar. You. Amplified. 



We value optimization and create performance and productivity tools so that real estate agents can achieve more in less time. 


Value Creation

We believe in creating proactive technologies to improve processes across the value stream and increase opportunities at scale. 



We have created the infrastructure to support the specific needs of real estate agents in variable market conditions. 

Advancing data enrichment to the next level

Our proprietary knowledge base and machine learning algorithms combined with LocalizeMarketplace data create the most advanced customer profile for our agents. The Localize profiler includes a scoring system of 1-5, factoring intent to buy, timeframe, lender terms, market supply, personal preferences and insights.

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