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The Challenge

Chicago agent Helaine Cohen started working with LocalizeOS because she had a database full of old buyer leads. Helaine couldn’t manually keep in touch with everyone (there are several thousand), which is why she partnered with LocalizeOS. With the help of AI, Helaine was able to re-enage her database, all in a single day. 

The LocalizeOS AI, Hunter, started texting Helaine’s leads in July 2023. After a few months of texting back and forth, Hunter identified that Neil was ready to buy a home.


“LocalizeOS has been highly beneficial in re-engaging our older leads with our agents. We’ve successfully revived dormant leads, igniting their interest in property listings once again!”

– Helaine


The Timeline

A Perfect Partnership

LocalizeOS’ Hunter provided consistency in communication, but Helaine added the necessary strategic context, using local expertise to drive urgency and letting Neil know when a home was well-priced.

Without Hunter’s strategic timing, Neil could have sat uncontacted in Helaine’s database and transacted with a different agent.