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Platinum Properties, a boutique real estate brokerage based in New York City, is renowned for its personalized, tech-forward, high-quality service. With the help of LocalizeOS’ AI tech, Platinum is closing deals at a breakneck 2022 pace, despite headwinds of high mortgage rates and shrinking supply. 

Since the partnership began in 2023, Platinum Properties and LocalizeOS have pushed the envelope of what it means to deliver efficient, high-quality customer service. As the New York City real estate market grows increasingly competitive, engaging buyer leads quickly and consistently is crucial to an agent’s success. Platinum’s substantial investment in lead gen channels such as Zillow means they enjoy a non-stop flow of incoming leads; engaging with those leads quickly is the difference between business won or business lost.

“The agents who work at Platinum are highly effective at their jobs. I’d rather have my agents taking buyers on home tours, negotiating deals, and strengthening existing relationships than spending time researching listings online and making sure to send any new listings or updates on existing listings to their buyers” says Dezireh.

With fresh leads arriving daily and a database full of potential clients ready to advance their property searches, Platinum Properties identified the opportunity to develop a competitive edge and invest in their agents’ success by leveraging LocalizeOS’ AI lead-nurture technology.

“LocalizeOS has been instrumental in transforming how we manage and nurture our leads, allowing our agents to focus on what they do best — closing deals and building relationships,” says Dezireh. 

Here’s How Three Buyers Found Their Dream Homes with a Little Help from AI 

Buyer 1: Homebuyer Stephanie & Platinum Agent Dashia McLeod

Stephanie was matched to Platinum agent, Dashia, five weeks after she first began texting Hunter. While it took some time to narrow in on the must-haves of her dream home, Hunter never tired of sending listings to Stephanie. Stephanie viewed 176 listings and toured 6 homes before closing on a beautiful 1-bedroom home for $699,000. 

Buyer 2: Homebuyer Sabrina & Vivienne Rottman

Sabrina began texting Hunter in October when she was just beginning her NYC home search. It wasn’t until three months later—after she had viewed 40+ homes via text—that a home caught her eye. While on the home tour with Platinum agent Vivienne, Sabrina declared love at first sight. Sabrina and Vivienne put in an offer and successfully closed on a 1-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg for $1.1M. 

Buyer 3: Homebuyer Niki & Marlene Hamad 

When Hunter began texting Niki, it was clear she knew exactly what she was looking for: a 1-bed, 1-bath in a luxury building under $1.8M. Within minutes Hunter had sent her a listing she was interested in. She was matched back to Platinum agent Marlene Hamad the same day and toured the home shortly thereafter. After just three home tours, she successfully closed on a home in West Chelsea that fit all her qualities. 

LocalizeOS and Platinum’s Three-Point Formula for Success

Success is so much more than the sum of its parts. Here’s why Platinum and LocalizeOS make such a great team: 

  1. The Combined Power of AI + Humans: No human can match the speed of AI when it comes to information sharing. Platinum leverages LocalizeOS’ AI to ensure their buyers get the freshest listings and information updates before anyone else. However, it’s a team effort: if the buyer has an interest in touring the home, a LocalizeOS Home Advisor connects with a Platinum agent to arrange the earliest viewing possible.  
  2. Collaborative and Integrated Approach: Throughout the process, Platinum agents and LocalizeOS Home Advisors are in lock-step, communicating about the buyer’s preferences so that their homebuying experience is as seamless as possible. Agents communicate proactively with the LocalizeOS team during critical buyer touchpoints (such as pre-and post-home showings) to ensure buyer engagement and satisfaction. Agents can also add client notes and utilize the LocalizeOS system on a weekly basis to ensure that all buyer interactions are well-documented and actionable. Regular check-ins between Platinum Properties agents and LocalizeOS Customer Success Managers ensure ongoing support and optimization. 
  3. Seamless Integration into the Tech Stack: LocalizeOS is fully integrated into Platinum Properties’ toolkit. Agents receive comprehensive coaching on how to use the platform optimally, ensuring that the technology is effectively embedded in their daily operations and contributes to their overall success. 

The Future of Real Estate: How AI is Shaping Platinum Properties’ Success

Platinum Properties’ investment in LocalizeOS’ AI technology has significantly boosted their agent’s success, improved the company’s operational efficiency, and provided buyers with a superior experience. Clients who engage with Hunter enjoy a more seamless, efficient home searching experience—one that doesn’t drain their energy and makes a real impact on the outcome of their home search.   

By outsourcing AI to specialized, best-in-class companies like LocalizeOS, Platinum ensures they are providing a high-quality, fully integrated solution for agents and clients alike. The result? A premium brokerage that provides exceptional client service. 

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