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Omer Granot, CEO of the AI-powered Operation System for real estate, LocalizeOS, seems to think they can do better. In the latest episode of Real Tech Talk, developer, investor, and host Eric Brody sat down with Omer to discuss the new wave of AI-powered technologies enabling agents to scale their communications and work smarter, not harder. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. In order to be successful as a brokerage or agent, you need to build meaningful relationships with clients at a large scale which is simply not feasible without technology. 
  1. LocalizeOS amplifies the potential of the agent by proactively engaging with leads at scale via SMS text. 
  1. LocalizeOS creates a more seamless customer experience for both the agent and the buyer. Prospective leads enjoy a >30s response time and Machine Learning capabilities mean they’re only shown relevant listings that match their dream-home criteria. 
  1. Similar to other industries disrupted by technology, the agents who will not embrace and utilize proactive technologies will be left behind. 

Transforming the Way Real Estate Agents Do Business with Omer Granot & LocalizeOS

Real Tech Talk is hosted by leading developer, investor, and native New Yorker, Eric Brody, It’s a weekly podcast introducing the newest PropTech technologies in the real estate industry.

Omer and Eric’s conversation covered everything from Omer’s unique background as a submarine captain in the IDF to his vision to revolutionize the real estate industry with the use of AI and Machine Learning technologies. Below we summarize the exciting conversation that dives into the crazy world of residential real estate in NYC and the technology changing the game. 

What’s the Problem that LocalizeOS Solves?

“You spend all this money acquiring leads and statistics show that you lose 99% of those leads that you buy. It’s mind blowing” states Omer. “The reality is, in order to be successful as a brokerage or agent, you need to build meaningful relationships; your clients are trusting you throughout one of the biggest financial decisions of their life. On the other hand, you need to be doing this at a very large scale because you don’t know who is going to end up transacting with you. Building meaningful relationships with a large number of people is a dichotomy. It’s simply not feasible without technology. This is the problem that LocalizeOS came in to solve” Omer says to Eric. 

The goal of LocalizeOS is in no way to replace the agent. It’s to amplify them. “LocalizeOS works the agent’s database and notifies agents at the exact time that their clients are ready to transact. So brokers and agents can focus on what people do best: build relationships” explains Omer. 

How exactly does LocalizeOS do it?

Agents integrate their lead database into LocalizeOS’s system and their conversational AI software (named hunter) proactively engages with leads via SMS text. Omer adds that hunter is extremely smart—it’s engaging with leads in an extremely personalized way in a 1:1 conversation, taking into account factors like budget, timeline, and home dealbreakers. 

LocalizeOS speeds up the lead nurture process at scale so that you—the agent—can always be there and jump in at exactly the right time. LocalizeOS is plugged into MLSs across New York, Chicago, and South Florida (with further expansion underway), and sends relevant listings to buyers that match their dream-home criteria. As soon as the buyer wants to move forward and tour a home, the agent is briefed by the LocalizeOS team, re-introduced to the lead, and takes it from there.

“It’s a no-brainer to use technology like LocalizeOS. The second an agent hears about this, there’s no way they shouldn’t be interested.”

– Eric Brody

What’s the Biggest Resistance to Adoption?

Omer shares that the biggest resistance from agents thus far has been the perception about AI, however in the past year and a half, the company has grown significantly. “After all, the ROI of using a product like LocalizeOS and hunter is extremely clear. Agents make more money, are more time flexible, and have more opportunities with LocalizeOS than without,” states Omer.

Here’s What a LocalizeOS Customer Has to Say

LocalizeOS Customer Success Story | Renée Miller

Now, LocalizeOS is focused on putting its technology in the hands of as many agents, brokerages, and teams as possible. 

The goal is simple: help agents maximize their opportunity pool and give them the tools to provide superior customer service, resulting in more happy clients, and more closed deals. “When technology gives you more personalized responses, listings, and equal service, it’s a better process for everyone,” says Omer. 

Eric and Omer end their conversation by musing over the future of the real estate industry. Omer shares that while no one has a crystal ball, in the long term, he’s bullish and believes that similar to other industries disrupted by tech, real estate will become more efficient with higher utilization and more personalization. Omer and Eric both agree that the real estate agents who invest in and use proactive, disruptive tech will be the ones who prevail.

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