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August 8-10, 2023

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LocalizeOS is modernizing the way real estate agents and brokerages operate with a solution that can engage with thousands of leads a day, simultaneously on your behalf while having full control and transparency over the purchasing journey.

We can help you

Engage leads at scale

hunter will qualify and nurture your leads for you by proactively engaging your leads with customized daily recommendations, financial qualifications analysis and suggesting to book showings.

Centralize your leads

Integrate any external lead source into one place.

Here’s Where You Can Find Us:

Join LocalizeOS CEO, Omer Granot, as he spills the secrets for plugging AI into your brokerage operations. (Psst, don’t forget to grab some awesome company swag located at the entrance!)

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Aria Resort & Casino 

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Wednesday, Aug 9th at 2:30pm
Main Stage, Inman Connect

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In Our Sky Suite

We’re AI real estate pioneers. Learn more about our time-saving technology by booking a private meeting in our stunning Sky Suite.

Tuesday, Aug 8: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday, Aug 9: 10am  - 4pm
Aria Sky Suites

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Twilight Happy Hour

Cocktails with a view, anyone? Join us in the Sky Suite for a relaxing twilight happy hour. There’ll be gourmet apps, a bourbon bar, and ice-cold beverages set amongst an iconic view of the Las Vegas strip.

Tuesday, Aug 8: 8pm - 10pm
Wednesday, Aug 9: 8pm - 10pm
Aria, Sky Suites


Meet the LocalizeOS Team at Imnan Connect

Omer Granot 

Julie O’Hara 

VP Marketing LocalizeOS

James Godwin

VP Sales LocalizeOS

Shannon Dodge

Head of Customer Success LocalizeOS

About LocalizeOS

Powering the most innovative real estate agents and brokerages

*Currently available in NYC, Chicago, and South Florida. Coming to more major U.S. metros soon.

LocalizeOS is streamlining workflows, saving time, and allowing agents to provide superior customer service.

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Denis Senchisev

Marketing Director LocalizeOS

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