Elegran partnered with Localize, a NYC-based prop-tech startup, to continue their mission to leverage thoughtful technology and “humanize the world of real estate”.


Elegran engaged Localize to support its agents and unlock the value of the time invested in its database and relationships and to identify high-intent buyers and sellers in their pipeline at any given time. 

An exclusive member of Forbes Global Properties for NYC, Elegran, partners with its agents to help them nurture and grow their relationships and leverages technology to give the agents more time to be more human, present and a better overall advisor for their clients The brokerage had been using another technology solution for six months, but it was not delivering results.

Jared Antin | General Manager, Elegran | Forbs Global Properties

Localize’s Hunter service is my best friend. The partnership and   support Localize provides allows me to focus on my clients,   advocate for them and serve their best interests.

Kalav Mistry
Real Estate Broker, Elegran


Localize seamlessly integrated a hybrid human + AI solution. 

Localize leveraged its solutions, Hunter and LocalizeHQ, to support Elegran’s growth, and the influx of buyer leads and serve as an operational partner for its agents. Hunter communicates with buyers in real-time via SMS, using Natural Language Processing and machine learning, to have meaningful conversations and advance buyers in the process. LocalizeHQ gives Elegran visibility into buyer interactions and the value that technology creates for each agent – such as time saved on manual tasks, qualification metrics achieved, and showings booked.


In just the first few months of the partnership, Elegran highlights how the tech is working proactively for them:

“I’m excited to partner with Michael, Jared, Ben, Will and the rest of the Elegran team. 

Their forward thinking and willingness to lean into technology in order to provide exceptional service to their customers is inspiring, and I believe it to be the future of real estate. 

Real-time, smart, personalized, and humane service through proactive technologies is the future and I’m glad Localize can be a major part in making that future a reality.”

Omer Granot
CEO, Localize